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If you're looking for legal assistance to get your big message or movement out in the world to make it a better place, without inviting payment drama, accidentally empowering content thieves, or other nagging legal concerns, you're in the right place. 

It's what we call: 

Good Authority



My Topics Include

Discover The 5 KEY Parties You MUST Have Agreements With To Shatterproof Your Coaching Business…So You Can Grow Your Practice With Peace Of Mind Knowing You Have The RIGHT Legal Protection In Place!

Discover The MOST Important Legal Tasks To Tackle Based On Your Stage Of Business, So You Can Stop Stressing When Lawyers Try To Scare You Into Paying Thousands For Unnecessary Stuff, And Instead Just Focus On The KEY Legal Tasks That Really Matter!

Discover the TOP 3 STEPS to Protect Your Dream Business from Content Thieves, Clients Who Don’t Pay, and Expensive Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You Were Making…so that You Can Have the Freedom and Security to Give Your Business Your All!

Discover The 3 Key Legal Strategies For Protecting Your Intellectual Property From Content Thieves Who Will Swipe Your Business Names, Program Names, and Content As Their Own…So You Can Grow Your Coaching Business With Confidence Knowing Your Ideas Are Safe From Unethical Copycats!

Discover The 5-Steps To Trademarking Your Business and Program Names, So You Can Officially Claim Ownership Over Your Ideas, Prevent Competitors From Stealing Your Thunder, and Become Known For Something That’s 100% Yours And No One Else’s!

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“Go All In: Starting and Maintaining a Small Business”

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“Asset Protection for the Long Run”

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Valerie’s Biography

You know Valerie Del Grosso  by what she isn't: your typical stuffy lawyer.  Easy to understand (and implement) legal solutions that create value – rather than confuse the issue and stack up legal fees – are her signature. 

Valerie is also a dedicated entrepreneur and knows personally the heart and soul required to build a business that loves you back. She has been practicing law for twelve years and owns her own practice in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she regularly serves clients ranging from tiny businesses to household names.

Valerie has gone toe-to-toe with “fancy” and super-experienced attorneys (sometimes whole teams) and can be found in court at least weekly seeing how different approaches pan out when the chips are down. That is, Valerie is willing to stand up for her work in court, not just hide behind a desk dishing out theoretical advice.

In her personal life, Valerie is married to a total dreamboat, though you may never meet him and will wonder if he truly exists. They have a cute new baby, too! She has traveled to about 20 countries and recently took up Olympic lifting as a hobby.