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Legal In A Weekend VIP Day

Most coaches are powerless against the theft of time, money, content, and program names by competitors, clients, and team members. The reason is that the laws that protect against this theft require coaches to “opt in” to the protections prior to experiencing a problem, but most coaches have not done this. 

The problem I solve is helping coaches implement easy to understand and greatly effective legal protections that ensure they have maximum options available in the event of a dispute. The side benefit is that these protections can minimize the likelihood of conflict in the first place.

I do this through Legal In A Weekend, a VIP Intensive style program that requires minimal time investment on the coach's part.

This VIP Day is for coaches who have worked with at least a few clients (or if they have not, have a good understanding of what they will be offering), who are getting ready to launch a new offer or market an existing offer in a different way, and want to be sure they are not accidentally empowering copycats and content thieves to steal their work or leaving themselves open to unethical chargeback requests.

This is a speedy offer where, by the end of a week, you have these protections in place:

1)– Agreements your client actually reads. Most contracts are written in a way that discourages the client from reading it at all, even though it contains important information about how you do business. My client agreement includes language so straightforward about what happens in a dispute, that it is likely to deter a client from backing or requesting a refund in the first place. But if they do, the payment processor or court will see that you have thoughtfully considered this scenario and will do exactly as you have spelled out. Anything else leaves the outcome of a dispute to chance.

2)– The plan to protect your content, including copyright registration. I use a practical combination of certain wording on your sales pages and in your agreements to discourage copycats in the first place plus copyright protection for maximum legal protection if needed. The side benefit of this combination is that if someone does steal your work, we have laid a trap that makes it easy to prove your case for maximum recourse against the thief. In fact, with my methods you can get a would-be thief to agree in advance to pay you if they use your work in an unauthorized way!

By the way, this includes positioning you against competitors who look but don’t buy and then create a program structure just like yours, even copying the sales page language. My signature provisions can give you significant monetary recourse if this happens. Most coaches have no legal options available at all, and for those who used generic contracts, they are stuck with legal methods so expensive and time-consuming that it is like having no protection at all.

3–. Established boundaries with a disclaimer. Most coaching legal disputes are decided by judges or payment processors who know as much about coaching as the well-meaning family/friends who told you to get a “real” job. So, if a client complains about a lack of success in your program, or worse, blames you for it, you could be at a disadvantage going into a dispute. With my disclaimer, we get you the “home turf” advantage instead.

A great disclaimer sets the stage for each party’s responsibilities, including what the coach will *not* be bringing to the relationship, like the ability to make a medical diagnosis or offer tax advice. “Standard” or copied disclaimers miss the opportunity to frame the discussion, because they use generic language that a judge or payment processor ignores.

4–. I review your sales pages and website for potentially problematic language that could set you up for a refund request, even if you have a no refunds policy. Over the years, I have learned to spot well-meaning but slippery language that can accidentally over-promise what your program can do. We'll make sure to tighten up any language like that without hurting conversions so you are not left exposed to refunds and chargebacks.


After completing a quick questionnaire by Wednesday and having a 90 minute call with me on Friday, you take the weekend off while I work on the items above. I deliver everything to you on Tuesday. This quick turnaround comes from my years of experience working with coaches. I know exactly what I need from you and usually have documents that are about halfway done after our call, so you don’t have to worry about me emailing you endlessly and billing by the hour while I figure out your industry. This is a common experience my clients have had with generalist lawyers.

You’ll also get access to my clients only Facebook group and messenger access to me for up to 90 days (depending on your launch date) to help you with any lingering questions.

In order to qualify for this offer, you must…

1)– Have the program you wish to protect built or be able to show me exactly what modules, pdfs, and other included items will be;

2)– A tentative launch date in the next sixty days at most if it is a new offer;

3)– Have decided the pricing and payment plans, plus know which software programs you will be using to deliver the program.

The price for this offer is $3,500. The price reflects the alternative- the worry of giving your content away, without recourse, to someone who may request a chargeback anyway, and is meant to make it an easy yes.

To date, to my knowledge, no one who has used my legal documents has lost a chargeback with a payment processor.

If this sounds like you, you can make payment here and I will reach out with the next steps.