WELCOME TO MY WORLD! Read on for the best way to work together.

Thank you for your interest! When it comes to custom agreements, there are a few things to know.

First, most traditional coaching offers (like one/one, groups, masterminds, etc.) don't require a custom agreement. Templates and training packages offered by Valerie for these offers are perfect for coaches who know what their program includes.

Second, for those offers that do require custom drafting, it starts at $1,500 per agreement. The reason is, for the most part, Valerie is not licensed in your state, so she has to pay a local attorney to oversee her work. This means custom work is more expensive than templates.

BUT for those of you who need more than one agreement drafted, or are unsure about the legal status of your business, Valerie offers a program called Legal In A Weekend. This includes drafting of custom agreements for your main offers, website policies, and copyright registration, with a quick turnaround time. This has a low four-figure price point.

To determine which option is right for you, please join us inside the Legalize Your Coaching Biz Live! Facebook group for the next monthly open house. The group can be accessed here.

The next open house takes place on Friday November 19th at 12 pm PST. Once inside the group, head to the events tab and RSVP. Valerie will take questions and explain the exact best next step for you, as well as cost, from a legal standpoint, and first available appointments.

Please understand that Valerie handles all of her own calls and emails, and it was getting ot the point where her calendar was inundated! The open house format allows for one-on-one time with Valerie to answer all of your questions. She hopes to see you there!