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Certification Solution VIP Day

Certification Solution is the best fit for the people who have these things in place or readily available:

1. Proven system for getting client results that is unique to them/created by them;

2. Desire to train other trainers so they can work directly with clients and you can leverage your expertise beyond client work (1/1 and groups);

3. Written/video course materials (or a very detailed outline) to teach the system; and

4. Unique and distinctive program name that can be used for “Certified [your name] Practitioners/Coaches.” 

The goal of this VIP Day is to protect your content from other teachers without giving away your competitive advantage, and allowing it to grow beyond just you for greater revenue and impact.

To do that, the VIP day will cover the following elements, all of which will be incorporated into your program agreement, license agreement, and if needed, ongoing mastermind or other support agreements as your final product (and don't worry if you have not thought about all of these yet – I have a process for making it easy to decide):

1. Structure and pricing;

2. Certification testing process;

3. Renewal options;

4. License scope for your names and materials;

5. Liability limitations and setting up protections for your brand;

6. Trademark registration;

7. Discussion about recurring revenue options through ongoing support and some of the more philosophical parts of building a legacy program.


Complete a questionnaire after watching my 40-minute video training. Then, we will have a call (up to two hours) to work through the program details. I will turn around your program agreements and submit your trademark application within two weeks. You will be able to submit one round of revisions to the agreements, either by email or on a phone call. 


This is a mid to high four figure investment depending on your trademark needs.


When your proprietary methods are out in the world, you cannot “unring the bell.” In other words, we need to ensure that your materials are protected from the start; there are no re-dos later to bring your material back into exclusivity. Further, many coaches miss the whole life cycle of the certification (including the available revenue streams), and our work together will help you understand and develop the life cycle for your program. Specifically, you will have the framework to build from, will have legal documents to protect it, and be positioned to sell the program in the future if you desire.